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We met Shannon and her team at the coworking space ModernWell that we used to work at. Shannon has a very obvious and passionate expertise in wealth management and financial planning. She started Forethought Planning in 2020 after working 15 years in corporate and non-profit financial services.

Shannon is passionate about being involved in her community and raising awareness and change around equity and the wealth gap. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Ventures, a non-profit organization located in south Minneapolis, whose mission is to eliminate generational poverty. 

About Our Work with Forethought Planning

When Leanne and Shannon connected at ModernWell, it was an instant connection and we dove in almost immediately into a Project Discovery with her team. 

Shannon needed several things: a new brand identity, a new website that had membership capabilities, multiple videos for her email campaigns, website, and social media, and competitive SEO.

We started with understanding her very specific audience and doing a full brand exploration. Once complete, we had a plan in place and Megan began working on her brand identity. 

Shannon wanted bright colors—and wanted yellow to be a part of her color palette. Megan created a full brand suite for them including a slide deck, business cards, patterns, and more.

Once the brand identity was done, we worked on messaging for her audience and then scheduled a one-day video shoot. The video shoot was a full day without a minute to spare, but it was such a good time. Shannon walked away with tons of video content for her email list, social media, and website. 

The website needed a membership area for a subscription-based group she has called Wealth Circles, as well as a page for events, podcasts, and a blog. 

This project was incredibly fun—from the exciting brand to the video shoot, to the bright and professional website. If you are looking for a financial advisor that really knows their stuff, please get in touch with Shannon!

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