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Tom Kelby is the president of Hands to the Plow—a ministry that works with leaders in local churches.

They produce teaching materials designed to help church leaders know God’s word and teach his word to others. When possible, they provide on-site training for church leaders—especially leaders in places where theological training is difficult to access. 

About Our Work with Hands to the Plow

Tom Kelby was once Leanne’s pastor when she lived in northern Wisconsin. Tom was once a part of the marketing agency DKY in Minneapolis and had started working with their team on the logo, messaging, and design of his website. 

They reached out to us to create a brand that supported the logo, develop the site and manage the website after launch. Once the partnership began, our team created a color palette, mood board, and typography to support the logo.

Once that was approved Leanne modified the proposed layout from DKY and developed the site in WordPress. Hands to the Plow needed E-commerce for customers to purchase materials and books.

This site continues to grow with new materials and more countries reached!

Services Provided

What Tom says about his experience with us

Leanne and the team have been a tremendous help to Hands to the Plow Ministries. They work hard to understand our needs, they met (and still meet) every deadline, they kept (and still keep) us on track, clearly stating what they needed from us, and they frequently came up with great solutions to problems. If you are looking for excellent results, clear communication, and an easy-to-work-with partner, look no further.

Tom Kelby - President of Hands to the Plow

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