Email Marketing

to stay connected to your audience with nurture sequences, newsletters, and sales campaigns.

Email Marketing

to stay connected to your audience with nurture sequences, newsletters, and sales campaigns.

stay in front of them

Being in their inbox is a highly effective way to stay on their radar.

Staying in touch with your audience is crucial to maintaining a strong connection and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Whether you want to send out a newsletter, a sales campaign, or a more complex sales funnel, we have you covered. Our team can create custom email sequences tailored to your specific needs, so you can stay top of mind with your audience and continue to build meaningful relationships.

What We Offer

Nurture Sequences

A nurture sequence is a sequence of emails that are sent at regular intervals, such as once a month, twice a month, or weekly, to educate your audience. These emails typically include indirect calls-to-action that do not lead to a sales promotion or product but are intended to make your audience feel understood and supported.

Sales Campaigns or Funnels

Sales Campaigns or Funnels are designed to introduce a product or service and address your audience’s pain points, guiding them through a series of emails towards making a purchase. The emails gradually become more direct if the audience hasn’t made a purchase, with a soft sell in the first few. Depending on their actions, we can also redirect them to other campaigns.


We create a custom template that you can use to create your own newsletter in your preferred email marketing platform. Alternatively, we can handle the entire process of writing and sending out newsletters for you, including managing your contact list.

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What our clients say about our work.

If you need a new website, hire Re3 Creative now! They build from scratch – something that a lot of other designers don’t do. She makes the process fun but is also very thorough. We talked for hours and hours through email and she was always prompted and kind with her responses. She went above and beyond what others would have done for my website! She really cares and it shows! I couldn’t be happier with the results. She also was so fun and boosted my confidence every step of the way! I am so glad we crossed paths and so grateful to have found her! I couldn’t recommend her enough!!!

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FAQ about Email Marketing

What email platform do you use?

We’re able to use a variety of email platforms as many of them work the same. 

How effective is email marketing?

Email marketing can be an effective tool for businesses to reach out to their target audience and promote their products or services. It’s more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, it generally has a high ROI, you can be personalize emails which you can’t do with other forms of marketing, you can track lots of data and adjust if needed, and it can be automated which is helpful for the busy business owner!

How much does email marketing cost?

Well it really depends on how many emails you’re sending out, how many people you’re sending out to (for your email platform cost), how long the emails are, and how much strategy goes into planning the flow of emails. We’d love to chat about it though, so reach out!

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