Project Discovery

that delves deep into your company’s needs, and provides a detailed blueprint for your project.

Project Discovery

that delves deep into your company’s needs, and provides a detailed blueprint for your project.

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Let's find out what you do, and what you need.

During the Rethink phase, Project Discovery is the key component where we delve into learning, researching, and proposing a solution for your online success. In addition to our standard discovery service, we offer a one-day meeting where we cover the essential areas of brand exploration, website planning, and marketing strategy.

This comprehensive approach enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your company and its goals, so we can create a customized plan that meets your specific needs.g help us understand your company at a high level first, so we can dial down into the different facets more effectively. 

What We Offer

Project Briefing

We have you fill out an in-depth project brief so we can learn and research more about your company, its goals, and its position.

Project Discovery Meeting

After our team completes a Company and Competitive Analysis, we schedule a Project Discovery meeting which may include:

  • Welcome + Intros
  • Competitive Analysis Presentation
  • Brand Exploration: Identity, Messaging, Photography, Videography, Reputation
  • Lunch
  • Website Planning: Sitemap, Needs, Integrations
  • Marketing Strategy: SEO, Blogs, Ads, Social Media, Flexible Marketing 

A 30-minute phone call cannot determine what you really need. But a Project Discovery can. Let's get yours in the books.

Let’s get started

A brilliant brand will produce brilliant results.

Getting started with a brand refresh or a new brand creation is quick and simple—let’s get this started!

Or send us an email: hello@re3creative.com

What our clients say about our work.

We loved the fact that Leanne was so patient with us. My husband and I are not very technologically inclined so she had to do a lot of explaining about different aspects of the website. She did a great job leading us through what we needed to do step by step so we could understand it. The website turned out beautifully!

Ted and Lori Romportl, Stonehaven Cottages

FAQ about Project Discovery:

How long does the Project Discovery take?

It depends on how large your project is but it ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours. 

Is the Project Discovery in person?

If you’re local, yes! You can come to our office at 275 Market St. Suite 54 in the IMS Design Center, or we can come to you if you have a space for our team and yours.

If you aren’t local, we can absolutely do it virtually.

Do I need a Project Discovery?

Yes. Years ago when we did only small projects, we used to do a one hour via phone call but even for a small project, it wasn’t enough time to really determine the solution for the companies we worked with. 

We know that our process works and has much greater results when there is time spent understanding, researching, and strategizing a solution.

Let's discover what you need and what you don't—together.