American Vegetarian Association


American Vegetarian Association (AVA) was founded by Len Torine in 1999 with the mission of promoting vegetarian ideas and products. Julie Kral, now owner, believes in labeling products, not people. 

AVA is the only vegetarian certifier in the USA. Their clients are large companies like TacoBell, Nordic Naturals, Hungry Planet, and more.

About Our Work with American Vegetarian Association

Julie found us on Google and needed a website that was current, looked fresh, and supported the new branding she just had done before reaching out to us.

AVA is established well and has a long list of big clients, but the website was hard to navigate and difficult to renew or apply for vegetarian certification.

Understanding the audience before creating a messaging framework was vital to the success of this site and we researched other websites in the same industry in other countries.

For this website, stock images were a better choice for their website which is rare. The AVA logo is on several big products, but it’s the old logo, so we didn’t want to do the photoshoot yet. 

We’re excited to update images with real products that have their new logo on soon!

Services Provided

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