Packout Strong


With a love for hunting, Packout Strong owner Kyle Ceynar invented a “packout trainer”—a hollow, elk-hind-shaped container that holds different materials to make it as heavy as an elk hind quarter, 115 lbs. 

The Packout Trainer gets you ready to pack out your animal with something that weighs, moves, and feels like the real thing. 

About Our Work with Packout Strong

Kyle came to us with only a logo he got made from Fiverr but it wasn’t created to be used on anything except a website and business card. 

Kyle wanted his logo on the Packout Trainer and on apparel, so Megan elevated and modified his logo, created some brand stamps that he used on his apparel and trainer, and gave him colors and fonts.

Packout Strong was a new company therefore he didn’t have a website yet. Leanne created a custom design and E-commerce to support sales of his Packout Trainer. Although he didn’t have any direct competition, we still did competitive analysis’ on other companies and an influencer because they shared the same audience. 

Creating a messaging framework for Packout Strong was so fun. It’s not every day we create content for men who love to hunt and get trophy kill. The voice was very specific and Trev did a phenomenal job on creating his messaging and implementing it into the copywriting.

Showing off his product with videography, drone, and photos was a huge success—Bobby and Drake plan on doing seasonal shoots with him to keep his content fresh and in-season.

Services Provided

What Kyle says about his experience with us

We are so greatly appreciative of Re3 Creative. We came to them with an inactive blank website and an idea, and they turned that idea into something our company is so proud of. One of the huge benefits of Re3 Creative is they don’t just build a professional site, they helped design and formulate our: color palette, logos, business cards, photos, videos, and company values/mission statements. Re3 Creative being able to do all this, made it such a seamless issue when building and launching a website. I 100% recommend Re3 Creative if you are looking for anything website or brand-building related. Lastly, the biggest thing I appreciate about them is that they genuinely want you to succeed. They continue to be involved with any updates needed and any problem-solving.

Kyle Ceynar - Owner of Packout Strong

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